DHIS2 Academies

The DHIS2 Academy is a program designed to train people to use DHIS2 Systems in different roles. The roles include: Program Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, System Administrator, Implementer, App Developer, Server Administrator, and DHIS2 Trainer. The Training is offered at different Levels including Foundations, Build Skills and Specialize. More detail information about the training can be found here: https://dhis2.org/academy/.


DHIS2 Annual Conference

A Global DHIS2 Community meets every year in a week for presentations, discussions and networking opportunities. Different categories or groups of people including implementers, developers, ministry representatives, technical partners, donors and other DHIS2 experts from around the world meet to share experiences, developments and innovations. More information about the Event can be found here: https://dhis2.org/academy/annual-conference/