With the increasing volume of information collected through a variety of channels, businesses face a segmented approach to data. Here we explore the problem of data silos and how a data integration first strategy can help you solve the issue…

Data is your most valuable asset. Utilising it correctly can allow you to make intelligent business decisions, drive growth and improve profitability. Nonetheless, according to Experian, 66% of companies lack a centralised approach to data, with data siloes being one of the most common issues.

Why Integrate your systems?

Integration allows you to combine data residing in different sources to provide users with a real-time view of business performance. As a strategy, integration is the first step toward transforming data into meaningful and valuable information. According to the Smart Data Collective, “If businesses want the right kind of data to underpin advanced analytics processes or to create multi-dimensional views of customers, data integration must be pursued as a strategic function that aligns with business objectives.”

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